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Sen Tange


Hi! Nice to meet you!

Krea Bees Sen Tange 丹下翆

Sen Tange

I have been living in Denmark since 2014.

I like making things that both myself and others admit.

when i was a kid,NHK Okaasan to Issho

"Can you do it?"I was longing for Tall-san.

My dream for the future is Tall!

I feel like it was... that means

Unknowingly through KREA BEES

It looks like you were fulfilling your dream. (smile)

Encounter with hand weaving

When I studied abroad in the United States during my university days,

​There happened to be a yarn shop near the university. I remember immediately signing up for the course when there were many tabletop weaving machines lined up..

I first became interested in handweaving when I read Yuka Murayama's novel Wild Wind.

After studying abroad, I met a dyeing and weaving teacher in Tokyo and was fascinated by the world of Japanese silk fabrics and plant dyeing. I learned a lot from Ms. Sachika Sato, who is researching the dyeing and weaving of The Tale of Genji.

Around this time, Fukumi Shimura, a dyeing and weaving artist, came to give a lecture at the university I was attending. I have a memory that my heart was shaken by Mr. Shimura, who is a living national treasure.

手織り 織り機 シルク

to Europe

After completing graduate school in Japan, I moved to Germany.

It was to continue my specialized research, but I didn't give up looking for an environment where I could dye and weave. In Europe, the dyeing culture is almost obsolete, but hand-weaving is still alive. I visited a handwoven artist.

​ Then dropped out of graduate school, got married, and moved to Switzerland. In Switzerland, I joined a handweaving club, took an apprenticeship, and went to a school in Germany called Sindelfingen to become a Meister.

But I couldn't decide.

Let's live as a handwoven artist...

Or rather, "I will take responsibility for my life!"

​I guess I just couldn't make up my mind.


be as honest as you like

Years passed, and I became a mother of two children.I was.

In Switzerland, I worked as a freelance writer and translator, but due to health problems and being busy with childcare, I also gave up handweaving.


Then move to Denmark.

I moved here with a loom, but it was dusty all the time due to extensive renovation work.

At that time, due to the corona disasterA turning point in my life has come.

One day, when I returned home, the loom that was supposed to be sealed was in the living room. My family set it up while I was away.“I can weave again!” he said with a smile.

That's when I realized for the first time, "I've put up with what I really want to do." And that I really like weaving.


For crafters?

DenmarkThere was also a lockdown, and anxiety and dissatisfaction swirled around the world. I realized the importance of being honest about what I like, so I wondered if I could be of use to someone with my "like".

​If you do a handicraft channel on YouTube

I thought I might be able to help make my time at home a little richer.

Therefore, without narrowing down the genreI decided to distribute videos that men and women of all ages can enjoy, without the need for advanced techniques.

​ Imagining a smiling parent and child...



I named my channel "Claire Beads".

"krea" is from Danish and German "kreativ".

It means "creative".

"bees" means "bee".

An image of a bee.

One of the things that I thought would be great is if my videos fly to various people like bees and deliver excitement.

Another reason is that I thought it would be great if the bees collected the smiles of the people who watched the video and made delicious honey.

​ An image of wanting to spend a fun time connecting with people you have never met through crafts

Will it be transmitted somehow? (smile)


from now

"​is there anything else I can do?

While asking

I want to convey the charm of hand-weaving more

I want to be more active as a handwoven artist

The thought has become stronger.

In 2023, the website will be opened immediately.

​ I want to work on the workshop enthusiastically!

Be more active from now on

I would like to continue my creative activities while communicating with many people.


​ This and that work

A housewife, a freelance writer, a translator, a buyer... Before I knew it, I was doing a lot of different things.


[Writer & Translator]

  • 2008-2009"Pelican Club Serialized in Europe European Edition.

  • April 2008 Wrote "Milk Japan Version" "cat school Tommy Ungerer's Cat Kindergarten".

  • August 2008 X-knowledge HOME Special Edition No.11 "Sports are architecture! "Special Interview Stadium for the People Herzog & de Meuron: Conversation with Jacques Herzog" in charge of translation.

  • 2008-10 translator for

  • September 2008 article "Swiss cheese with a story".

  • 2011-2013 Official blogger.

In addition, there are also serials and radio appearances related to Switzerland.


​​ Scandinavian vintage tableware buyer and shop clerk. We are currently closed, but we plan to reopen.



[What I like and what I'm good at]

  • reading. I'm into audiobooks these days.

  • stroll. Part of European life. (smile)

  • I like meditation

  • Anpan made from red bean paste. It is a gift of my long life abroad. (smile)

  • I don't like sports much, but I like yoga.

  • outgoing activity. I really like writing. Social media does a lot. (smile)

  • Visit museums, shrines and temples.

  • ​ Tarot & Oracle Cards. You will be healed by the beautiful patterns.

[Things I want to try]

  • Help entrepreneurs of handicraft artists. I would like to do a job where I can help people who want to move forward like I did in the past but cannot.

  • ​ Visiting dyeing and weaving and power spots around the world.​​

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